false plaits and Enhancer

false plaits and wefts
small 5c pack of 5 $40 each
medium 10c pack of 5 $40 each
large 20c pack of 5 $50
X large 50c  pack of 5 $60
plz note the plaits can take 3 days to post as i make them to order 
If we don't have the colour you need please send us a message and we can make them up for you. we also do colour matching so feel free to send me a message and i can match up your horses hair for you feel free to text me on 0403240058. we do have other colour available
false forelocks 
out of stock 
equine image  enhancer 6 pack 
The Enhancer come as a 6 pack for $15 or 6 pack with clamp $25  we are slowly get more colour in stock and can make different colour.  please PM us if you need made to order 

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