false plaits and wefts
small 5c $8 each
medium 10c $8 each
large 20c $10
X large 50c $12
plz note the plaits can take 3 days to post as i make them to order 
If we don't have the colour you need please send us a message and we can make them up for you. we also do colour matching so feel free to send me a message and i can match up your horses hair for you feel free to text me on 0403240058. we do have other colour available
mane wefts
mane wefts easy to fit comes with instructions. if we don't have to colour you need get in contract with us via facebook or send jess a message 0403240058  they can be mabe to order  the wefts can be reused all you need to do is peel the old tape off and super clue more tape on. weft tape can be purchased  from us or on ebay. the one on the website are 10cm in length and 2-3 cm width the wefts can be made up to 20cm in length  . which have to be ordered and start at $10each 
false forelocks 
the clip in forelocks start at $25 if you can't find one that matches your horse plz pm me or send me a text message on 0403240058 
please contact us via the Facebook page or website