Red chestnut triple 100cm

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Here at Equine Image, we endeavour to create the perfect image for you and your horse in the show ring.

We have over 20 years experience of making and repairing all types of false tails, as well as mane extensions, false plaits and forelocks.
All products in our range are Australian made, using high quality horse hair.

This Tail is a 100 cm Red Chestnut Triple Thickness sit out big at base ( only tail maker making at 100 cm in Australia) 100% Aust made. 

it is a strong Red in colour but is the shade under Dark red chestnut and two shades under liver Chestnut.This Tail does naturally have some light and flaxen hairs in the tail though not many. 

This tail would suit most horses with a red chestnut tail. 

Length Suitability:

under 75 cm - This length would be suitable for majority of Pony Galloway's
75 cm to 90 cm - This length would be suitable for majority of Stock Horses/Hacks
90 cm and Over - This length would be suitable for majority of Quarter Horses.
For specific sizing requirements, please contact us before purchasing any product.

Colour Matching:
For a perfect colour match before purchasing, please send a photo hair sample via email to so that we can advise on which colour to purchase.

If the product you have selected is not available, please contact us via email or via the contact us page here with your requirements.
or Call Jess on 0403240058

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