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Marrakesh MINK Oil Gel

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Marrakesh MINK Oil Gel


The Mink revolution is here!  For lovers and users of Baby Oil Gel for all sorts of horsey applications, HSE has produced our own sparkling clear, multi use oil gel with a distinct difference..


Marrakesh Mink Oil Gel contains our exclusive BOTANICAL Mink Oil blend... a combination of luxury, high quality plant based oils & esters, that not only perfectly mimic the fatty acid profile of natural Mink, but offer the luxurious 'feel' of natural Mink Oil, without the use of animal based ingredients.

Added to that is our favourite Organic Argan Oil, loved by every skin & hair type.  And of course we have added a little extra shine, and a little thickness to make it easier to apply.


Marrakesh Mink Oil Gel offers sparkling highlights and excellent moisturisation.


Directions for use:

Marrakesh Mink Oil Gel can be applied anywhere on the body for moisturising and highlighting healthy skin.