Leave In Spray Toner for silver white finish

Brilliant sliver white

Brilliant Silver White Leave in Spray is a conditioning toner that gives results in seconds.

A unique product designed to neutralise yellow,gold and brassy tones in grey hair types.

being water based and pump pack can be used on the day before the show and also the morning of the show being a leave in conditioning Toner it also adds shine and detangles as well. 

We have had great results in our trails of this product once stains are removed from the tail this brightened the white hair and assisted removing the dull look.

To use we recommend 

1. Wash the tail 

2 spray the  affected area  

3. Leave for 5min and brush out for a amazing result. It is a temporary leave in toner. 


please have a look at the  before and after photos  

It soften the hair and gave it a shine. 


Recommended not for every day use but for highlighting and bring that magic white look. 

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