Equine plating wax

Equine Image

Equine plaiting wax


Equine Image's own brand plaiting wax is now available in a tube. It is mess free easy to use, strong hold, long lasting and will help create the ultimate show plaits, braids in your horses mane, forelock and tail. Adding shine, texture and tame the flyway short hairs to assist you with that professional looking plaits you can do yourself saving you time and money.
It's natural pure non-irritating formula that contains bees wax, jojoba oil with a natural fruit fragrance that gives lasting style strong hold and is easy to wash out at the end of the show day.
 A simple to use container - just open the lid off the container, push the wax up from the base and rub onto the hair from the neck- shaft of the hair both sides down comb through and then plait.
If you like extra hold when plaiting the wax or can be used with other market plaiting sprays.
Equine Image personally recommend's this product when using the false plaits and mane weft extra hair as it will assist with the fly-away regrowth hair to sit in place.

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